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Anarchic Theory and the Study of Hunters-Gatherers | M. Sanger

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Ifirarq17_Anarchic Theory and the Study of Hunter-Gatherers

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IFIRAR (International Federation of Independent Rock Art Researchers) is a blogging platform for non-affiliated researchers who can disseminate the results of their work, and for academics who may be interested in publishing independently.  Authors and the general public can share papers and follow developments in the field of rock art research, where archaeology, paleoanthropology, cognitive sciences, psychology and numerous other disciplines converge.  Therefore, blogs that touch on developments in any of these fields are welcome.  However, the posts should be structured, presented and referenced following the norms accepted in the case of scientific papers.

IFIRAR is an advocate of the open science or open access movements, responding to a perceived need in science and the humanities for instant distribution of research/ideas and the need for a peer-review system that occurs alongside distribution, instead of taking place before it. Blogs submitted to IFIRAR are posted in the Federation’s Quarterly (IFIRARQ). However, only a sample paper from each issue will be embedded and remain on public display. All the other contributions are filed, and when a sufficient number of blogs that address a specific topic add up, these will be collected in an edited book and submitted for publication. Whenever an author decides to publish a paper that was initially blogged in IFIRAR, we release the post without any precondition and only the abstract of the article will be saved for our records, in order to avoid any conflict of interests.

IFIRAR also campaigns for the recognition of traditional indigenous societies as the owners of their cultural heritage and the return of ancestral rock art and archaeological sites into their care and possession. Our members are actively involved in this effort, in different parts of the world. All our initiatives are guided by the Code of Ethics of the International Federation of Rock Art Organizations (IFRAO) [www.ifrao.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/ethic.doc].

IFIRAR was launched in December 2014, in Switzerland. Membership is free and granted upon request to our contributors and followers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

IFIRAR (International Federation of Independent Rock Art Researchers) | Chalet Ruobstein,  2 Ruobsteinstrasse,  8874 Mühlehorn,  Switzerland.

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CALIBRATING vs. IDEATING REALITY: A Cognitive Assessment of Paleolithic Abstractions and Illustrations [Synopsis]|George F. Steiner

IfirarQ15A coming up presentation for the NeanderART Conference, August 22-26 2018, University of Turin, Italy.

IFIRAR Quarterly – Volume 15, June 2018

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IFIRARQ15_Calibrating vs. Ideating Reality-Synopsis

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Neanderthals in Plato's Cave [promo]

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IFIRAR Monographs – Vol. I., March 2017

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FROM PRIMITIVE WELLNESS TO CIVILIZED MADNESS: An Etiology and Case History of Collective Dissociation | George F. Steiner

primwell to civmad


[Revised edition in press. Expected publication date – 2018, 1st Quarter.]

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Originally published in 

IFIRAR Quarterly – Vol. 5, December 2015

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RITUAL ECHO: Contemporary Music Inspired by Ancient Rock Art (CD) | Avan Dozi

Ritual Echo


IFIRAR Quarterly – Vol. 1, December 2014


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1. Valley Footprints

2. Ghost Talk

3. Crossing the Gene Pool

4. Don't Let the San Go Down!

5. Evening Magic

6. Mantra

7. New Community

8. Oseeda's Dance

9. Ritual Echo

10. Symbols Beyond