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IFIRAR Monographs – Vol. I., March 2017

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5 thoughts on “NEANDERTHALS IN PLATO’S CAVE | George F. Steiner

  1. ifirar Post author

    At the first reading, the hypothesis seems to contradict the postulates of dual inheritance theory. However, the book only expands the theory: if cultural evolution observes biological rules, any presentation of culture that does not relate to neoteny would be wanting. Given the role of neotenous processes in our biological past, ‘cultural noteny’ becomes an important component of the cultural landscape. Seiner’s examples – immediate-return hunters and gatherers – are not an ‘exception to the rule’ as he puts it, but rather a theoretical support that adds credibility to dual inheritance theory. Therefore Joseph Henrich et al. should seek to integrate the conclusions of this monograph in their models and devise equations that would allow for the phenomenon of cultural neoteny.

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  2. bryan

    Indeed, after reading the book, any theory of cultural evolution that does not broach the phenomenon of cultural neoteny seems incomplete. Waiting impatiently for Steiner’s next title: lots of questions left open here – the answers will be shocking. I wonder how Steiner will manage to present them convincingly.
    B.R., IFIRAR

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